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Water therapy is often recommended by your veterinarian for health and fitness. The physical conditioning and therapeutic value for people is already widely recognized. Water therapy for dogs has finally become accepted in the United States for the same benefits as people. Canine water therapy has been broadly established in Europe for years.

The water treadmill exercises muscles, helps your dog gain strength and mobility, and improves quality of life. It also improves cardiovascular and respiratory fitness and stamina while avoiding high impact damage to joints, ligaments and tendons. Warm water relaxes muscles and promotes healing by increasing blood and oxygen flow. The increased blood flow also helps decrease muscle spasms and eases pain. Water buoyancy supports your dog and takes weight off the dog’s joints, allowing him to build and tone muscle to improve his range of movement.

The water treadmill and warm water may benefit:
Hip/Elbow Dysplasia
Muscle Stiffness
Stroke or Paralysis
Ligament Strain/Sprains
Pre/Post Surgical Conditioning
Cruciate Ligaments
Orthopedic Conditions

The water treadmill may provide:
Improved Quality of Life
Reduce Stress/Anxiety
Increase Strength
Increase Circulation
Cardiovascular Conditioning


Conveniently located just off I-275 and the AA Highway in Northern Kentucky, Hot Diggity Dog Canine Water Fitness is located inside Greater Cincinnati Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services. Look for the yellow building and their big red sign.

Hot Diggity Dog Canine Water Fitness
11 Beacon Drive, Wilder KY 41076


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